Sound Sources & Shakers 


Noise and Vibration Excitation Technology

  • Qsources is developing and producing new technologies for sound sources, shakers, etc. from 1992 onwards.

  • High effeciency and high temperature electro-magnetic drive, miniaturization and functional integration, customized sensor integration, leading to more practical or more accurate solutions


  • Product range of sound sources for building-, industry- and environmental-acoustics, with extreme light weight and the highest level of performace.


Infra-Qsources sound sources:

  • High accuracy, well beyond the standard requirements

  • Efficiency in any application:
    Extreme light weight
    Straight forward functionality

  • Extreme levels where needed

RoHS Certificate of Compliance

Qsources is following carefully the initiatives of the European Commission dealing with environmental and safety issues. We are dedicated to serve our customers by providing products that are conform to the requirements of the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.