• Acu-Vib Electronics is a rental agent for sound and vibration monitoring equipment calibrated to Australian NATA standards. We have a large range spanning from;

                   - Sound Analysers 

                   - Noise Dosimetry Meters 

                   - Long Term Vibration Loggers

                   - Accelerometers

                   - Human Vibration Exposure Meters 

                   - Microphones & Preamplifiers

                   - Acoustic Calibrators 


  • Our instruments are NATA accredited and come with software, quick start guides and certification so you can do the monitoring yourself on your selected job 

  • We provide training to people who rent our equipment either in house or off site, depending on requirements, scaling of particular jobs and locality 

  • We have options for long term logging cases with accessories such as solar panels and weather proof cases 

  • Brands for ​​equipment for rent are; 

            - SVANTEK Sound Level Meters (955, 957, 977, 979, 971)

            - SVANTEK Vibration Loggers ( 958A with options for remote                        communication and solar charging

            - SVANTEK Noise Dosimeters (SV104/ SV104iS) 

            - SVANTEK Whole body + Hand Arm Vibration Analysers (SV106)

            - Acoustic Calibrators (SV33 + Others) 

            - Vibrock Vibration Analysers (V901/ V9000)

            - Tapping Machine (Phon-X) 



Unit 14/22 Hudson Ave,

Castle Hill, 2154 


Tel: (02) 9680-8133

Fax: (02) 9680-8233

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