SVAN 215




SV 215 Noise Monitoring Case System dedicated for the indoor use. Inside the case the SVAN 977 instrument is used. The main applications include the residential area indoor noise monitoring, the audio performances monitoring and many other cases when a justification of the annoying noise has to be measured and identified.

The main feature of this set is the long term continuous sound level logging (Leq and optional 1/3 octave levels) with the simultaneous Audio Events Recording (AER). The AER is essential for identification of the related sound source by the playback. The AER trigger mode can be set up as manual (audio recording is started by radio remote control, switchable on up to 50-meters distance) or automatic (audio is recorded when measured Leq is, for example, above certain level).


The AER time is user programmable as well as the sampling frequency which can be selected to 12 kHz, 24 kHz or 48 kHz (12 kHz sampling rate provides lower quality audio signal but allows the longer audio recording, whereas 48 kHz sampling frequency provides excellent audio signal quality but the recording time is trice reduced compared to 12 kHz recording mode). The AER function also provides the pre-trigger recording whose period depends on the selected sampling rate and it is 4 seconds in case of 12 kHz, 2 seconds in case of 24 kHz and 1 second in case of 48 kHz.





  • Radio-remote manual trigger 

  • Noise source identification

  • Manual or automatic triggering

  • Advanced trigger function

  • Case with locking capabilities

  • Internal battery

The logger file, which contains time-history results and audio-events data, is recorded to the USB Flash Disk (“Memory Stick”) and can be verified and played back with SvanPC+ software. Taking into account the very big capacity of available USB memory sticks, the logging capabilities are almost unlimited.


The SV 215 is a hard case with an internal foam, manual trigger for radio-remote control and locking capabilities. System can be equipped with the SVAN 977 or SVAN 979 instrument. The microphone and preamplifier are mounted on the top of the case cover by means of the SA 08 “goose neck”. The external trigger LED indicator is also exposed on the top of the case to verify manual triggering mode. System is powered from the internal batteries of the instrument (SVAN 977/9) or external SA 15 AC/DC power supply (wall adapter for the long term monitoring). The SV 30A calibrator and SA 22 windscreen are the optional equipment which fit into the SV 215 monitoring case.